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Genset Perkins

Genset Perkins Diesel Genset Perkins 1306A-E87TAG3 200 Kva

Genset Perkins 1306A-E87TAG3 200 Kva Series family of ElectropaK engines has become renowned throughout the power generation industry for the engines’ superior performance and reliability.

Genset Perkins 1306A-E87TAG3 200 Kva engine is a turbocharged and air-to-air charge cooled unit, featuring hydraulically-actuated electronically controlled unit injectors (HEUI) with ‘full authority’ electronic engine management providing reliable,quiet, economic operation supported by the quick starting, fast response and close control demanded by the electrical power generation market.


Harga : Genset Perkins 1306A-E87TAG3 200 Kva memiliki 6 silinder, 4 TAK , 8700cc dengan turbocharger menghasilkan tenaga sebesar 200/160 VA/KW pada prime dan 230/184 KVA/KW pada standby. Mesin ini memiliki berat 1840KG dan panjang 2550 mm , lebar 865mm dan tinggiadm 1900mm


(021) 29459577, 0811802540, 081283140040 , 081282070763

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