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Genset Cummins

Genset Cummins Diesel Genset Cummins KTA38-G2B 800 Kva

Description:Key Specification
Genset Cummins KTA38-G2B 800 Kva set
1)Prime Power : 640kW/800kva
2)Standby Power: 704kW/880kva
3)Power factor: 0.8 Lagging

Logistics Data
Open type: 4600*1900*2300mm, GW:7500kgs
Silent type: 6058*2438*2591mm, GW:9200kgs

Genset Cummins KTA38-G2B 800 Kva Engine
1)Manufacturer: CCEC Cummins
2)Model No.: KTA38-G2B
3)Rated power:711kW
4)Engine structure: 12 cylinders "V" shape 4 stroke,turbocharged,
direct injection,air-to-air aftercooled.
5) Bore×Stroke: 159*159mm
6) Compression ratio: 15.5:1
7)Displacement: 38L
8)Lube capacity: 98.6L
9)Fuel system: PT type fuel injection pump
10)Fuel consumption: 196g/kw.h
11)Lube consumption: 0.5%
12)Rotating speed: 1500rpm (optional 1800rpm)
13)Speed governing: EFC electronic speed governor

1)Manufacturer: Engga (optional Marathorn, Standford)
2)Model No.: EG400S-640N
3)Features: Brushless, self-excitation, AVR regulation,
4)Protection grade: IP21 (optional IP23)
5)Thermal class: H
6) Steady Voltage Regulation: Plus/Minus 1%
7) Instant Voltage Ragulation: minus 15% to plus 20%
8) Voltage Regulation Scope: over 10%
9)Power factor: 0.8 Lagging
10)Connection type: 3-phase 4-wire

1)Manufacturer: Smartgen (optional Harsen, Deep Sea)
2)Model No.: HGM6110 (or user defined)

Special specifications
1) Frequency : 50Hz (optional 60Hz)
2) 3 Phase 4 Wire
3) Speed : 1500rpm (optional 1800rpm)
4) 50Hz voltage available at 440/254V, 415/240V, 400/230V, 380/220V, 220/127V, 200/115V.
5) 60Hz voltage available at 480/277V, 460/266V, 440/254V, 415/240V, 220/127V, 208/120V

Harga : Genset Cummins KTA38-G2B 800 Kva memiliki 12 silinder bertipe mesin V, turbocharged,direct injection,air-to-air aftercooled. Compression ratio: 15.5:1, menghasilkan tenaga sebesar Prime Power : 640kW/800kva, Standby Power: 704kW/880kva


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